Think and Function

Have you ever woken up with an itch? Maybe it starts in the arch of your foot, but it digs deep into the sensitive skin right there. It hurts to scratch. You do it anyway, and your foot now has red spots, dusted with your own ashy skin.

Well, I woke up with an itch last week, but scratching wasn’t exactly easy. It felt like I had a grain of sand embedded into my eye. When I opened it, the light that crept between the shades blinded me. My eye immediately began to water, and for a week it didn’t stop. It was bloodshot beyond the help of eye drops. I had to use a saline wash to sooth the burning beneath my lid. Ice, hotpads, and whatever else might help, didn’t help.

It really is a little embarrassing to take a sick day for you eye, but I couldn’t drive without my vision, and what if it was pink eye?

That’s what I assumed it was. Pink eye would have made sense to a point, but I didn’t have some of the key symptoms. When I finally let someone look at it, she noted a scratch across my cornea. Turns out, one of the scrubbing beads in my facewash had made its way to the top of my eye.

(You think this is gross? Try feeling it for a week.)

The last day my eye bothered me, I also woke up with a horrible headache. Usually I’m only dehydrated, so I drank as much water as I could manage and napped all morning. When I got out of bed, the headache only grew. I took pain medication, but it didn’t kill anything. All I could do was sleep early and hope it would go away.

That next morning, I was relieved to not notice my eye. I had another itch this time, though. It felt like I had a rash in my lungs. They burned slightly, and I was coughing violently. I feared that the cough I had last Spring was returning, but there was one difference: my nose was stuffed. Headache and cold, I went to work.

My lovely boyfriend took care of me for the days after that. He made me soup and manicotti, and I slept while he worked. For three days, I could hadly send a text message without losing all energy and falling asleep. I had a fever that drenched any shirt I wore, as well as the sheets under me. Every time I woke up, I felt like crying. I don’t often think the thought, “I need my mommy,” but this was one of those times. Of course, she couldn’t drive the two and a half hours to be with me, but she bought Rob and I dinner from a distance.

Yesterday, I finally felt healthier. I’m not 100% by any means, but the fever is gone. I didn’t sweat noticeably at all last night. I’m still coughing sometimes, and my head feels stuffy, but all I can do now is sleep. At least I can think and function!