Getting Used to Time Off

I’ve been nursing a cup of coffee, and the warmth has spread through the palms of my hands and up my arms. A couple of days ago, I almost switched from coffee to green tea, but I can’t do it. Coffee tastes too good to quit. I am on my way to being healthier in other ways still, though! I’ve been getting in physical activity every day, and I’m trying to eat a little better. My biggest issue is going to be eating less. And healthier. I eat too quickly, and I’m addicted to chocolate.

After my graduation in May, I was excited to job search and start a real career. I wanted to get myself into a new gear. But the interim is a big challenge to me. While my boyfriend and his roommates do their homework, I play with the Family Guy app and nap. I’m antsy for things to do, which is part of the reason I started working out more. Yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about what to snack on, and I realized both that I wasn’t hungry and also that I was bored out of my mind. So instead of eating hummus and chips, I went for a half hour run. A little later I ate cookies and a calzone and cancelled everything out.

So I’ve discovered that boredom leads to eating and jogging. I’m going to pick up new hobbies when I have the money, too. This blog is definitely giving me something to do, which is great, and keeping me in practice with my writing, but I kind of want to pick up mosaic artwork, too. I know I was planning to do more research on copy editing, too, so I’ll try to remind myself of that, too.

The break has been very nice, but I think I’m going to start applying to graduate school come December. Most programs would be a year long, and I’m focusing on publishing programs. DU has a good publishing summer program, but I could get an M.S. in publishing at NYU or University of Houston–Victoria. I suppose we’ll see what happens, but at this point I really wouldn’t mind going back to school.

I’m about to cut this short and head to work to fold shirts and dust shelves, so I’ll give you a good picture of my fish. I just cleaned their bowls. The one on the left is actually my old roommate’s beta–when she moved to Nebraska she forgot to leave a cup holder clear for him. I think his name is Akita, and I know for sure my fish’s name is Odin.

Have a wonderful day!


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