Bettering Myself

When I was younger, my dad had an idea that was supposed to stop me (and others) from whining. He bought blue Livestrong bands, and we were supposed to switch arms every time we whined. It never helped me, but I don’t wear bracelets anymore because I always mess with them.

On the topic of complaining, I’m sore, but I don’t mind at all. My other has been going to the gym and biking everywhere, while I sit on the couch and watch Regular Show. So this morning when I woke up at 7, I got my butt out of bed and walked over to my apartment’s fitness room. There was only one other person after a while, but she ran on the treadmill and bailed after 20 minutes. I actually feel pretty good night now. My biggest hope is that I’ll sleep better through the night if I continue to run or do yoga or go to the gym.

Eating better is probably going to be harder for me. I think I just have to help my boyfriend in making huge, healthy meals that I can eat for leftovers throughout the week. He is the best cook I’ve met, but I’m not quite sure how healthy all the food he makes is. I just have to dedicate myself to fruits and vegetables for a while, which definitely isn’t bad. I really enjoy salads and smoothies. In fact, I like a lot of healthy food. I was vegan for a bit in high school (courtesy of my dad and stepmom), and I did discover some great recipes. Of course, I often substitute chicken or salmon for tofu.

You know, Livestrong bands and veganism weren’t the only odd things about my childhood. It was always great being with my mom. We fought a lot in my angsty teenage years, but we went to the movies together every couple weeks, and we are now very close. My dad was very entertaining to live with. In the car, he would humor ideas of conspiracies he had heard on NPR, and he would drop conversations mid-sentence only to pick them up again two days later (again mid-sentence). He always had a project running, too. I’m fairly certain he made yogurt, tofu, cheese, soy milk, alcoholic root beer, and much more. He always introduced us to weird foods, too, like ketchup ice-cream and spelt pizza.

I went through a little bit of a dark time in high school, when I was really depressed and hanging out with a few people I don’t even want to pass on the streets now. I never did any drugs or drink any alcohol, though. At that time, I was less fun to be around–I swore a lot to look cool, and I was very judgmental and defensive. I like to think that’s all behind me, now. I’ve changed quite a bit in the past few years, and it’s definitely for the better.

Now, I’m just trying to better myself further.



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