Month: August 2014

Books, Bikes, and Beer

A flood of cars constantly pours in and out of campus streets. All students, be they graduate biologists like my sister or tiny ignorant freshman, are officially in town, and I am no longer one of them. At the same time this thought makes me incredibly happy, I’m feeling a little sad about it. I wouldn’t mind having a few more intelligent conversations in the class setting. It turns out in the “real world” people are much less interesting and thoughtful than in school. I miss the environment at the university. It is very nice to just have work and chores on my schedule, though.

On Sunday, my boss at Alpine Arts took me to the Denver Mart, where retailers discover new wholesalers and make deals with their current ones. It’s amazing how many different designs you can print on a t-shirt. We were in appointments for about eight hours, and we sat in on a visual marketing seminar. It was definitely worth a twelve hour day at work. 

I stopped at Bailiwick Press this morning to pick up my copies of Jackpot and Goodnight Brew. They both turned out amazing, and I’m excited to see how quickly they fly off the shelves. The release party for Goodnight Brew is in September instead of October now, too, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. It’s going to take place at Equinox Brewery in Fort Collins if anyone can magically stop by!

Tour de Fat is this Saturday, as well, and for once I can participate! I still have to work out a costume, but no matter what I am, I’ll be surrounded by good beer, mimosas, and a great crowd. I’m thinking a ninja might be my only option since I have the costume already. I might end up being one of the girls from the Trailer Park Boys, considering the entire group I’m with is going that route. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a fun time. Fort Collins really is an ideal place to live out your twenties.

This post might seem a little bland, but I’m planning on posting some fiction one of these days! You’ll have the opportunity to see how the gears in my creative mind turn. Just a warning, though–it can get crazy.




And Nothing Happens

I find updating my blog on a schedule incredibly difficult. I typically work just under 40 hours a week, and I often spend evenings with my boyfriend, but I’m not actually very busy. Part of this is due to the fact that I have been thoroughly enjoying solitude lately, and another part is because I’ve been neglecting several tasks I promised myself I would do once I graduated. The only reason I’m not busy catching up on the last 20 issues of the New Yorker, getting stories published, and running around the park that’s two blocks away from my house, is because I’m lazy.

Instead of being productive, doing what I’ve been waiting most of my life to do, is because I watch seasons of South Park and Dexter at a time. Neither of those television shows are on my “must watch list” either. I only started watching South Park because it was always on when I hung out with my boyfriend and his roommates, and I watched Dexter when I was in high school. The only real plus side of it is that I’m learning how to relax after years of constantly having to do something. I also regularly search and apply for jobs. I applied at becker&mayer! today, and if I get any sort of interview from them, I’ll be ecstatic.

Oh, and F+W finally got back to me. They didn’t hire me. The phone interview went really well, and they called me into the office for a real one. I felt like it went well, but a few of their questions were pretty tricky. Kirsten asked me when the amount of work becomes too much, and my answer was a little iffy. I must say, though, I looked awesome when I went in.

I think I’ve been feeling stressed all August because I’ve been waiting for F+W’s response. I’m more relaxed now, which is good, and after a little break in applying for jobs, I’ve been looking again. It makes me feel productive. So does writing for this blog.

For the past week or so, I’ve been having this weird dream that’s tensing me up, too. It usually changes location, varying from my old high school to places I’ve only seen in movies. In every one, though, I’m back in school, and I’m messing it up. It starts in the middle of a class day, and I just didn’t go to my first few classes for a while. I don’t even know if I’d met the professors. Then I scramble to get to other classes I’d been missing, and when I get there, I realize I’m completely unprepared for whatever the class is doing. A lot of times, it’s discussing books Socratic seminar style, and I haven’t read a single one of them.

My boyfriend and I celebrated our one-year anniversary this weekend. We drove out to Roosevelt National Park and backpacked to a spot a little ways from the river to camp. It was absolutely beautiful. Everything was so green where we stopped. The plan had been to spend Friday and Saturday night there, go hiking and fishing, but it didn’t work out that way. Saturday night was rainy, and my sleeping bag wasn’t quite warm enough–I could feel how cold the ground was under me. I slept a little better after using my boyfriend’s sweatshirt as a blanket. We couldn’t fish, either, because the river was too shallow and too fast. So after a nice morning hike, we packed up our things and hiked back to the car.

On our way back, we passed a very pleasant family, and their dog had picked up a log as tall as me in its mouth. I have never seen an animal as happy as I saw that dog. His tail was wagging, and he marched forward head high. I wish now that I had a picture of him.


I might post a photo of my boyfriend and I a little later. Don’t be too disappointed if I don’t get around to it.