I still haven’t heard from F+W about the job I interviewed for. They said it would take a while, but I’m feeling impatience creeping up. I’m not so much impatient with those at F+W as I am with my current lifestyle, though.

I’m getting bored by the behavior of some of my friends. They’re doing things I would have just laughed off last year, but for whatever reason when an acquaintance tells me about their public snorting habits I’m more annoyed and concerned than apathetic or amused. I want to ask them how long they plan on doing drugs and sleeping in unusual beds. I admit that I have bad habits of my own I would like to rid myself of, but so many people aren’t recognizing how dangerous their behavior is. I knew kids who overdosed on black tar heroin when I was in high school. I know several people who have been to rehab multiple times. Anyone could be one of those people if they ignore responsibilities and good judgment for long enough. (I think I might sound a little bit like an old woman right about now.)

It seems, too, like I should be making more money. I work the same old one-digit job that I have since I started college in Fort Collins, but having graduated and looked at the possibilities out there, I cannot wait for someone to pick me up. I don’t want to worry about whether I’m going to have to nibble at my “don’t touch me” savings account every time I get a bill delivered to me. At least I have an income, I suppose, but I am very ready to have a more substantial one.

Every day I want time to pass more quickly so that I can finally start my life as a real live adult. There are so many opportunities I cannot grasp from the level I stand on.

Wish me luck on being a real person soon!


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